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    June Fluke

    I’ve decided to take the entire June off (in terms of side business.) The past few months I’ve been working on launching my small business: a pop-up online shop for my arts & crafts. It’s been about six months that I’ve been working on creating the candles I envisioned. From conceptualizing, to sourcing, to experimenting and testing I was finally on track to launch today, the first of June. BUT The universe had other ideas. My wisdom tooth, which was already scheduled for extraction suddenly started acting up a couple of days before launch. Since I was anticipating a slow and steady order from a few friends, I knew I…

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    Some Mundane Things: Unlucky Days

    I just resolved to write more about my mundane days because at the end, it’s really what makes up most of our lives. There’s a phrase from a Vogue HK interview that struck me, when cartoonist Kaitlin Chan reflected “I wish I paid more attention to the textures and the feeling of being alive on the most boring and mundane days.”  I felt guilt for not always journalling my day.  However, I realized I found ways to document these days in other art forms – an instagram post, a story, a snarky tweet, a message to a friend, or a more tedious process of editing reels.  But today I have…

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    Onion Bomb: When Setting Boundaries Make You Cry

    I use nicety and being dense (or dumb) as a defence mechanism. While not all the time, it sometimes helps protect my energy  in situations. Specially when working in customer service. That sarcastic Karen? Mansplaining Bob? Whatever they’re trying to passive-aggressively hint at doesn’t land, so they’re left feeling unfulfilled. And that’s kind of fun to see. But it can also cost me my peace. I feel waves of anger and exhaustion when I can’t fully express my authentic self. Can we also talk about dimensionality? For a long time I’ve always felt like I’ve been pegged as the nice girl, the sweetheart. And when I deviate from that, it’s…

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    Growing Up in Mindanao: Childhood Memories

    Quite recently, I’ve been having flashes of my childhood memories growing up in Mindanao. My childhood memories are so rich with images of the country side, long bus rides through mountain tops and coastal roads. When I started college, the bus rides turned into overnight boat rides and the boat rides turned into the more frequent flights. But I always found the bus rides and boat rides more memorable. The longer stretch of time spent sitting and looking out into the landscape afforded for more daydreaming and introspection.  This may have caused such memories to be steeped into my subconscious. A couple of days ago, my mom sent us a…

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    Stop and Smell the Flowers

        It seems like everyone hates 2020. It has for sure exposed long running inequality and corrupt systems. And while a lot of people feel like their lives have been thrown off balance,  my inner self seems to be unperturbed by this pandemic. Well, first of all, because I am cushioned by the privilege of living in Canada and working in a bigger company. Second, I have for the most part of my later life been a latebloomer. Making this supposed setback nothing new. (Or maybe, my brain just blocked off all my anxieties for the future as a trauma response, who knows?) My timeline’s always been skewed with…

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    Love Language: Leave Me Alone

    I haven’t been feeling well lately. One day, I woke up with a migraine, and on another day I had a sudden stomach cramp at work. The kind where you start having cold sweats and there’s a sharp pain in your stomach. It felt like the onset of diharrea. Anyway, the cute guy at work walked up to and asked me if I was working alone and all I could do was pretend I wasn’t in pain or wanting to run to the bathroom. I looked at my watch and told him “right now, yes.”  Then he mumbled something and walked away. My coworker arrived soon and I just thanked…

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    Fight for My Way: A Relatable KDrama for Struggling Millennials

    One of my favourite KDramas that spoke to my experiences as a struggling millennial was Fight for My Way. The most popular KDramas in the Philippines have mostly been focused on fantasy and glamour content. But while these were highly praised, I was always looking for something more relatable. Something where I could see myself in the characters. At the time of its showing, I was in my late twenties still finishing up my undergrad degree. Compared to most of my peers, I was at the bottom of an imaginary ladder.  It was during that short stretch between school and unemployment that I found myself indulging in more than my…

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    Homemade Mango Bacon Pizza Recipe

    This is a homemade mango pizza bacon recipe inspired by the memory of Greenwhich’s short lived mango pizza. When I was a kid, Greenwich Pizza released a mango pizza and I was blown away by how good it was. I guess the pizza wasn’t as popular as I thought because that was the first and last time I had it. Noone I’ve ever talked to even remembers it at all! I’ve been nostalgic for that taste since forever, never finding anything quite like it. If you remember it please leave a comment below, I just need to know I wasn’t imagining it. I figured I could recreate something similar. This…

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    Hospital Playlist: When did Jeongwon Fall in Love?

    A world without Hospital Playlist feels so empty. Thursday nights have become a watch party where we order in Korean Fried Chicken and root for our OTPs (one true pair). My OTP has always been the “Winter Garden” couple Jeong-won and Gyeo-eul. I first disliked Gyeo-eul’s blunt and seemingly cold character but after finding out about her huge crush on Jeongwon, I rooted for her. I might have identified with the way Geyo-eul went about her crush. Everyone else knew, she could be obvious even towards the object of her affection but she herself couldn’t admit it to the very person. Gyeo Eul is Relatable In Tagalog, we have a…

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    No Quarantine and Chill

    The illusion of choice – It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve gone back to work. I’ve been processing the emotions that came over me when I decided to say yes to going back to work. On the surface, I had a choice. Even if I didn’t go back to work, I would still be covered by the benefits given by the government for at least one more month. My needs weren’t urgent since I still had family who could foot the rent. But for how long would that remain sustainable? I thought about how our workforce was being cut and if things didn’t go back to normal, I wouldn’t…