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    Homemade Mango Bacon Pizza Recipe

    This is a homemade mango pizza bacon recipe inspired by the memory of Greenwhich’s short lived mango pizza. When I was a kid, Greenwich Pizza released a mango pizza and I was blown away by how good it was. I guess the pizza wasn’t as popular as I thought because that was the first and last time I had it. Noone I’ve ever talked to even remembers it at all! I’ve been nostalgic for that taste since forever, never finding anything quite like it. If you remember it please leave a comment below, I just need to know I wasn’t imagining it. I figured I could recreate something similar. This…

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    Quick Japanese Siomai, a Savoury Satisfying Snack

    I never thought about how easy it was to make siomai because I usually make dumplings from scratch. However, my pretentious no-carb diet and love for savoury dishes led me to pilfering our kitchen with possible ingredients to feed my stomach. To my surprise I realized I had these random ingredients that could actually work to make siomai. It’s so easy, you just quickly mix all the ingredients, roll it all up, cut into bite-sized pieces and leave to steam! Ingredients: Ground Pork Onion Chives Carrots Nori (Dried Seaweed) Salt & Pepper Light Soy Sauce Steps: Mix ground pork, chopped onion chives, carrots and season with salt and pepper. Place…

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    Nourish: Mini Croissant Sandwich

    Elevate your mornings with these mini croissant sandwiches. Creamy avocado spread with sweet grape tomatoes, and pancetta that’s just the right amount of savoury. A sandwich is pretty straightforward and totally customizable but I’ll share with you one of my favourite, quick snacks. I’m guilty of always skipping breakfast so I solve it by having these ready the night before and just grabbing them on my way out. I haven’t had a grumbling stomach at work these past few days. Ingredients: Mini croissants Pancetta/ prosciutto (your choice of meat) Cream cheese Avocado Grape tomatoes Cilantro Procedure: Cut the mini croissant in half mash the avocado and spread on croissant top…