Currently: April Fool’s

I’ve never really been a fan of spring, save for the cherry blossoms. But everything else about spring feels like a lie to me. It signals warmer weather but is as cold as winter, and because it’s the start of planting season, suburbia smells like manure. Not to mention the pollen allergy that comes with it, spring definitely reminds me of broken promises. I call it “Your Lie in April” like that anime. But aside from complaining and being salty about the season, I’m here to update you on things that have been happening in my life lately. Currently, I am . . .

Watching: The Table (2017) a Korean arthouse film I featured in a previous blog post. I wanted to watch it again because its slow pace relaxed me. I also wanted to review the film’s aesthetics and story telling.

Reading: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Chimamanda perfectly illustrates the struggle and feelings of an immigrant. Even when the character, Ifemelu is Nigerian, her challenges, emotions and observations ring true even for this girl from the Philippine Islands. It reflects a lot of my inner thoughts. Thoughts that don’t make it on paper but one Chimamanda eloquently weaves in Ifemelu and Obinze’s narrative. A lot of people don’t understand the pains of immigrating, specially when I try to talk to my peers back in the Philippines. They have an image of all the lovely, nice things and can’t comprehend how difficult and bleak life can be in North America. This book is a peek into that.

Listening To: Khalid’s new album. His was the theme song to my year 2017 and every time I hear his previous album I always get nostalgic for that time in my life. Heartbreak, school, rain, lots of rain, mathematics, Korean language class, friends and alcohol, Makati, travels, long hot afternoons and work. It was everything happening all at once and I really enjoyed it. The high-lows made living so much more exciting. I wonder if one of his new songs will stick with me as a poetic memory?

Shopping: I’ve always loved shopping. This week I received my online purchases but will have to return three items (they just don’t fit right.) I’m crazy about Mango’s dresses. I’m even thinking about ordering from their Philippine site because they have more choices! I got a cute green summer dress which I’ll pair with white sneakers. So next on my shopping list: white sneakers, another pair of sneakers, jeans, and summer shorts. I’m also loving body suits so if I find one I like, I might just get one.

Wearing: I’ve been wearing office girl outfits, so mostly black trousers, pants and white tops in varying styles. I’ve also been on the look out for stylish blouses that can be dressed down for office wear.

Loving: Ooh this is tough, I may actually be a complainer and an ingrate by nature. But I think I’m really loving that we’re doing home re-decorating. We never even thought about fixing our house but now we have more mental and emotional space to be doing this.

Looking Forward To: A few days off! It’s crunch time at work and we’ve been busy planning an event. My mind is scattered between making graphics, editing communication materials, doing day-to-day tasks and remembering all the information I need to know about my new job.

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