I’ve decided to take the entire June off (in terms of side business.) The past few months I’ve been working on launching my small business: a pop-up online shop for my arts & crafts. It’s been about six months that I’ve been working on creating the candles I envisioned. From conceptualizing, to sourcing, to experimenting and testing I was finally on track to launch today, the first of June.


The universe had other ideas. My wisdom tooth, which was already scheduled for extraction suddenly started acting up a couple of days before launch. Since I was anticipating a slow and steady order from a few friends, I knew I couldn’t fulfill the orders in a timely manner and had to postpone my launch. I also noticed I’ve been getting sick a lot lately. Just last week I had flu-like symptoms. I couldn’t figure out if it was the vaccine side effect or allergies because it’s pollen season. We will never know.

While I have a lot of mental energy, my body seems to be tired so I decided to listen and honour it. I ended up launching my Youtube channel instead because that didn’t require a lot of physical or mental ability. Well, that’s because I have a pool of reels sitting in my phone. And I’m a multimedia/ video/ content producer by training so editing a video comes easily for me. My creativity still needed an outlet and a Youtube channel was something that I’ve been wanting to do for the last two years. I guess it just happens when it happens.

Anyway, I couldn’t get an earlier time slot for my surgery. I was able to change my schedule three days earlier than the original date. So I’ve just been on painkillers while I go about my day and go to work. I’m also planning to move sometime in August or September which is soon. It’s all this stress building. I’ve been trying to manifest a beautiful home for myself- hopefully I get it.  Manifesting is hard with a toothache. My sister told me a Filipino saying. “Ang sakit sa kalingkingan, ramdam sa buong katawan.” This loosely translates to:  a minute pain is felt throughout one’s entire body. I likened this toothache to the Princess and the Pea story. It’s just one part of my body but my focus is totally off. I can’t work on something with concentrated effort.

But I’m so glad I finally got my first vaccine dose. I was finally able to go out more freely and see my friends before life changes again. <3



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