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Of Coconuts and Sticky Rice Cakes

I had my first taste of Thailand’s famous iced coffee at the Damnoensaduak Floating Market. For the days to come, we would all buy iced coffee every chance we got. It was sweetened with condensed milk – something that made it taste better than the usual. I had been doing the same to my coffee when I was in design school, it was the only way I could stomach drinking 2-3 large cups a day to power through late nights of coding and designing.

Aside from the iced coffee, we noticed the altars on almost every road. This was something quite grandiose and new to our eyes. We were born and raised in the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia. Our altars were inside our homes, filled with statues of saints. Their altars never looked the same (or so maybe we thought.)

In Kanchanaburi we rode the boats on the floating market a little earlier than usual. “You can get stuck in traffic for an hour”, our guide Nuch told us. We waded through the river looking at different wares being sold. From barbecued chicken to coconut icecream, to hats, spices and pythons on display for photographs.

Travel blogs and tour companies such as our hired guides for the day, recommended we try the coconut icecream and sticky mango rice. And so we did. After a few bites each into our dessert, Nuch asks us how it is.

My friends and I look at each other, our eyes twinkling. The corner of our mouths slowly turn into smiles. We couldn’t hold it any longer and erupted into laughter. It’s like bico (a sticky rice dessert from the Philippines!)

Oh but there was an abundance of coconuts in our country too! They tasted the same as the desserts back home. What did we expect? We were same-same but different after all.

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