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    Currently: April Fool’s

    I’ve never really been a fan of spring, save for the cherry blossoms. But everything else about spring feels like a lie to me. It signals warmer weather but is as cold as winter, and because it’s the start of planting season, suburbia smells like manure. Not to mention the pollen allergy that comes with it, spring definitely reminds me of broken promises. I call it “Your Lie in April” like that anime. But aside from complaining and being salty about the season, I’m here to update you on things that have been happening in my life lately. Currently, I am . . . Watching: The Table (2017) a Korean…

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    4 Relatable Films for the Weary Young Adult

    The question I dislike most during job interviews (or when doing small talk with strangers and relatives) would be “what do you want to do in life?” with the occasional variation of “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I might have an idea of what I want to be or where I want to be, the problem is that the people behind these questions always want specifics. “No, but what position, what do you really really want to be?” Did everyone else have it all figured out?! Am I the only one who has no idea? After taking my last required unit during the midyear, I went on…

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    Nourish: Mini Croissant Sandwich

    Elevate your mornings with these mini croissant sandwiches. Creamy avocado spread with sweet grape tomatoes, and pancetta that’s just the right amount of savoury. A sandwich is pretty straightforward and totally customizable but I’ll share with you one of my favourite, quick snacks. I’m guilty of always skipping breakfast so I solve it by having these ready the night before and just grabbing them on my way out. I haven’t had a grumbling stomach at work these past few days. Ingredients: Mini croissants Pancetta/ prosciutto (your choice of meat) Cream cheese Avocado Grape tomatoes Cilantro Procedure: Cut the mini croissant in half mash the avocado and spread on croissant top…

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    A Starter Life

    2017, Manila- I had eleven boxes when I first moved into my space. It was a room in an old duplex. Spacious, with wooden floors, tall windows and a balcony overlooking one of the main arteries of the village. The village itself was a hub for food and entertainment, close to universities. My street was lined up with restaurants, an independent cinema, bookstores and cafes. There were only four of us, each to a room with two shared bathrooms. I didn’t interact much with my housemates, everyone had different schedules. We were polite with each other but never went beyond the small chitchat, I preferred it that way. Work culture…

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    Curated Corner: My Own Little Forest

    There are many things that make up my life here in Manila: work, my thesis script that’s been in the drawer for a year, licking my wounds, friends, the dog I walk on weekends, and the old deteriorating house I live in. Some days certain things overwhelm me like: the never ending to-do lists at work, the dust that settles in my room every after I clean, the traffic noise outside my house, the unbearable heat and humidity, uneven roads filled with potholes, unidentifiable liquids and dog poop, low pay and living from paycheck to paycheck. Despite all these, most days I am grateful and try my best to appreciate…

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    Curated Corner: Lovely Things

    1.) SPACE: MUSEUM CAFE The Museum Cafe is the perfect place to spend a long hot rainy summer afternoon with good company. Our server for the day was attentive and amiable- instead of just ordering drinks, we had a Filipino merienda (afternoons snacks)  to pair it with. The interior is bright and sunny with art pieces and plants, the tables are made of marble and the walls of wood- on closer inspection, the cafe had quite a retro feel to it. It’s a very beautiful place, and it gets quieter on Sunday afternoons, a good time to lounge around, do some work, have an afternoon date, or quality alone time.…

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    Growing Up Good

    On my recent trip back to my hometown I found my diary from when I was seventeen years old, in it I wrote “My boyfriend is a chauvinist. I need to get a new one.” I burst out laughing when I read that, truly my higher self knew what she was talking about. I wished I had ended it shortly after, as I constantly question why I still dated that person for the next seven years. But now I’m also thanking and honouring myself for getting out of it. I have come a long way from that relationship and have learned many lessons in the process. International Women’s Day reminded…

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    Pebble in My Shoe

    It’s fall where you are. Where I am there is only either the scorching heat or the lashing rains. I may be exaggerating a little. Fall, even though I am far away from the scent of pumpkin spice and the sight of  fallen leaves- fall, still reminds me of you. It’s not something I consciously think about. Maybe it’s an internal clock- a clock that doesn’t exactly know the specific time of day, but one that knows seasons and sentiments. It’s an inconvenient feeling- that feeling of nostalgia for happier times. A pebble in my shoe, specially now that I’m busy living a different life.

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    The Daily: Watch Out World, I’ll be a Sell Out Soon!

    I wish people would stop calling me a sell out just because I’ve chosen to go the corporate route in film. For most parts I own it, but of course we all know they say it as a derogatory remark. It’s a path I chose and I didn’t choose it just because of the “money” – which most people assume. I enjoy it, I enjoy looking for a middleground between entertainment and substance in content. I want to push for stories in mainstream that have meat in it and not just fallacies piled on fallacies – all the while making it entertaining still. Despite what haters say, it’s possible. South…

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    A Darker Shade

    I don’t think we will ever witness the first snowfall of the year together or that I’ll run back to you the way  I did when I first left. Somehow, I think I knew this when I decided to pursue other things more than you. I knew time would change me somehow. Without you, I could learn to see my own value without having to measure myself against the standards you had set for yourself. I knew they were superficial, that sooner or later you would realize this. But I couldn’t wait around for that to happen.  It wasn’t to say that I was unhappy with you – on the…