starter life



Hello, I’m Astrid, I used to live in Manila and worked in digital media but my life has changed a lot and this blog has slowly evolved from documenting my intentional living to including writing about many things such as culture, being filipino, and the millennial immigrant experience.



I live in a 60-year old home where I tend to my only living plant, a hydrangea, as well as stray cats I find sleeping on my balcony. I take writing and art classes, walk my (cousin’s) dog on weekends, cook mostly on my days off, read a lot of graphic novels and try to write screen plays and short stories.

During the year I worked as a Digital Content Producer in Manila, I felt so stressed out that I found myself carving out a space where I could find some semblance of peace . I was living to pay rent and so travels and getaways were limited. I turned to everyday things like cooking, music, quiet cafes and spaces that were more accessible. This is how my old blog, Love & Fiction came to be. I wanted to share how I tried to live slowly even in the city. My definition of slow living is intentional living. I don’t see it as an aspirational status lifestyle but more about pacing myself with my life’s own seasons and rhythm.

Now called Slice of Life – my blog is mainly divided into two parts: SLOW LIVING and the WRITER’S CAFE.

SLOW LIVING is where I share what my slow city life is like. In Curated Corner I share films, music, books, podcasts, spaces and other discoveries I find comforting. I also share activities or events, be they an art class,a writing class that nourish the soul.

In Nourish, I share the recipes I come up with in my small messy kitchen.  

In WRITER’S CAFE I pour out all my writings from fiction, literary prose to essays, nostalgia pieces, travel diaries and the more mundane experiences of everyday life.