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Something Salty

I stared at my phone, wondering how you got my number. But I guess it didn’t matter, you were already asking questions with a sense of urgency you did not deserve.

You asked, could we meet? anywhere! It was all up to me. You just needed some answers.


I try to scan through my memories. The last time you ever crossed my mind was two months ago. I was in the office kitchen, looking out the window, waiting for the water to come to a boil. I thought then “wow, I haven’t even thought of him or found any reminders of him. It’s almost as if he never existed.” It was amazing to feel that way. I had to consciously think of you to even remember.

Hmmm, closure. It’s been more than a year since the time you told me,

“I still have lingering feelings for you…”

The only answer you gave when I asked for the truth.

Ah, lingering feelings.

Didn’t we always have them anyway? What we chose to do with it, that made all the difference.

The way you left me  (I guess for her?)

The way you left, that was closure enough for me.

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