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    Growing Up in Mindanao: Childhood Memories

    Quite recently, I’ve been having flashes of my childhood memories growing up in Mindanao. My childhood memories are so rich with images of the country side, long bus rides through mountain tops and coastal roads. When I started college, the bus rides turned into overnight boat rides and the boat rides turned into the more frequent flights. But I always found the bus rides and boat rides more memorable. The longer stretch of time spent sitting and looking out into the landscape afforded for more daydreaming and introspection.  This may have caused such memories to be steeped into my subconscious. A couple of days ago, my mom sent us a…

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    Curated Corner 3: Coffee, Art & Rain

    This collection of curated spaces: A coffeeshop, an art museum and an anime is a nod to that particular feeling of surrealism and nostalgia when sun meets rain.  Something particularly nostalgic about staying in coffee shops is during that transition from summer to rainy months when the rain would often fall even during a sunny day. In Filipino folklore when such weather occurs, it means somewhere in the world a Tikbalang couple (mythical creature that is half horse, half human) were being wed. I’m not sure why such myth exists but my theory is because such a day always feels magical, as if the dimensions to other worlds blurred and…

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    I am Brown and Both

    I understand that it was made in jest- that I could not be considered Mindanaoan or even Filipino because I left the Philippines. The thing is I still want to answer those statements, because I got a lot of flak even before I left. Why would you leave? Don’t you love the Philippines? You’re forsaking the country. You’re a traitor. Hmm, I wonder- the heroes we have hailed before us also left the motherland. I wouldn’t equate myself to being a hero but you get the drift. My being Canadian is an added layer to my identity- it does not eliminate my birth, my childhood, my life experiences in this country…